Whether your needs include 20 casework items or 500 casework items, Georgia Casework has the staff and equipment to manufacture these items for you efficiently, with courtesy and professionalism. We can also assist in casework installation with competent subcontracting installation personnel.

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Georgia Casework provides all inquiring clients with a quality assurance and material specifications for future builds. Information will include policies and regulations for product handling, warranties, and installation. For further questions, please contact us at (229) 455-5800.

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We Are A Proud Member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI)

For cabinet door materials, we adhere to AWI standards for the best results, as outlined further here: AWI Quality Standards, 8th edition, (pg 132) recommends that the core, or substrate, of a cabinet door use medium density particleboard or medium density fiberboard core…with like materials and thicknesses both faces.

Veneer core doors will not be guaranteed against warping, telegraphing, or delimitation.

The practical logic behind this statement is that (1.) plywood, otherwise referred to as veneer, is constructed with materials that expand and contract at a drastic differential when adhered to decorative or plastic laminate and (2.) plywood, has voids within construction as well as veneers that are not always substantially clad, thus leading to failure of veneer ply rendering an overall failure of the door or drawer front.

Casework Defined: The Specs

  • Frameless, dowel assembled, white thermofused laminated panel interior, 120 degree euro hinge, full extension drawer slide, 5 mm line boring for adjustable shelving, and a minimum of .018″ edge banding in 15 standard colors and patterns. 1, 2 and 3mm edge banding available upon request.
  • Door, drawer fronts, and finished sides adhered to .75″ industrial grade 48# particleboard with the use of PVA adhesive.
  • Assembly of cases clamped with 8mm by 35mm dowels or with confirmat-type assembly screws.
  • Interiors are white 3/4″ thermofused laminated panels, drawer boxes dowelled, and bottom of wall cabinets white, unless noted otherwise. Wall or base cabinets exceeding 33.5″ wide to have partitions, excepting sink bases.

Base Cabinets:

  • Ladder base or adjustable legs by installer…when installed up to 34.5″ tall and 24″ deep.
  • Please consult the manufacturer for pricing.

Wall Cabinets:

  • When installed up to 30″ tall and 12″ deep
  • Please consult the manufacturer for pricing.

If there are unusual circumstances in your casework needs or you need elements other than standard colors or patterns, please do not hesitate to contact Thomas Clayton for personal attention. As a note, items are shipped FOB from Ray City, Georgia 31645.

In case you missed this information in Our Casework, we are primarily a casework manufacturer with a factory that includes much of the latest in computer technology and late model CNC equipment. This equipment includes 1 Onmitech 60″ by 144″ CNC Router, 1 CNC Biesse Point to point machining center, 3 SCM linear edgebanders, 1 Biesse CNC Beam saw, 1 Omal CNC edge bore and dowel inserter, Uhling and Gannomat case clamps, Gannomat automatic hinge inserter, Buffering 53″ sander with electronic segmented sanding capability.

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