Commercial & Church Casework

Why choose Georgia Casework? Custom engineering by skilled craftsmen, superior construction with attention to detail & modern CNC equipment for precision and efficiency – all paired with outstanding service and cost-effective pricing.

Beautiful Library Shelves & More

Commercial Casework

Hospitals, doctors offices, urgent care clinics, chiropractor offices, physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities, dentist and orthodontist offices, schools, office complexes, and the hospitality industry all have very specific casework needs. Our custom solutions for commercial casework including workspaces, storage, sink cabinets, wall storage cabinets, lockers, special use items, and cabinetry are designed to handle the needs of each industry, the demands of high traffic and high use areas and codes. Quality materials, finishes and hardware, paired with our custom work, result in a highly functional product that is also professional and attractive.

Church Casework

Churches have grown beyond a beautiful chapel or area of worship to include offices, choir room and productions, Sunday school areas and other educational facilities, gymnasiums and more – all of which require significant amounts of storage and organization. The team at Georgia Casework partners with churches to design storage systems and casework to meet unique needs within defined budgets.

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